UX Research Samples


In-the-Wild Mismatch

Behavioral analysis, with both qualitative and quantitative research activities, fueled a 3-day design sprint and a new feature to remove friction at a critical customer touchpoint. 

QB Bundle Site.PNG

What Matters Is Tricky

A carefully crafted unmoderated study revealed informational needs and value expectations of customers at our front door.


Numbers Are Just the Beginning

With survey, interview, and guerilla ethnography insights, we identified unexpected and unmet needs of a high-value customer. A collaborative Value Proposition workshop generated strategic and tactical opportunities.

more than diagnoses.png

More Than Diagnoses

Persona interviews and a collaborative persona workshop uncovered motivations that shattered our organizational mental model of this customer and this customer's needs.

Workflow Interrupted

The insights from this mixed methods research informed a customer journey map and persona that helped us challenge a long-held misconception about the universal appeal of our excellent customer service touchpoint. Our design for a new self-service touchpoint reduced one category of support calls by 43% in 6 months.